Lausanne Swim Cup #2About the competition

This competition supported by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) is set to take place just after the short course European swimming Championships taking place in Denmark (Copenhagen, 13 to 17 December 2017). Thanks to an 80,000 CHF prize pool, big names are awaited at Mon-Repos to face off in different disciplines.

The competition will take place Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st of December with prelims taking place in the morning and finals in the evening. Based on prelims and discipline, between 6 and 12 swimmers will make it to the finals. In order to ensure that the competition goes smoothly, a professional international jury made up of three international Swiss FINA judges, Ms. Gurtner, Ms.Schroeter and Mr. Tschanz, will be present during the races.

This will be the second time that the public will be able to witness a swimming competition at such high levels in Lausanne. In order to welcome you in the best conditions possible, the Mon-Repos swimming pool will be transformed into a stadium with a sound/lights/DJ show.

The public will therefore be able to watch 16 qualifying rounds and 16 finals every day, which promises intense and suspenseful moments.

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Athletes Lausanne Swim Cup #1Our stars 2016

Talented swimmers who demonstrated their skills at the Olympic Games and World Championships participated in the first edition and were thrilled with the experience. Join us for the second edition!

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