The canton of Vaud school project

Students from the schools within the Canton of Vaud are welcomed to the LAUSANNE SWIM CUP.

Since 2017, the LAUSANNE SWIM CUP has partnered with these schools and swim clubs to promote safe water sports. Over the last three years, each event has welcomed nearly 200 students, young club members and spectators.

This project entails :

  • Attendance to the qualification events and meet some of Swimming’s Elite
  • Participation in the water with these Elite Swimmers and discuss the life of a professional athlete
  • Participation in Water Safety training with Trainers from Lausanne Swimming

The LAUSANNE SWIM CUP is more than an International Competition, it gives children and the local youth a chance to discover the world of swimming and allows them to meet many of Swimming’s Elite in a friendly and welcome atmoshpere promoting the values of sport, fun and safety.